[kw-ah'sh] verb. Hiring people to 'do it properly, do it well'.

Recruitment Business Partner – Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield based | Up to £40K + benefits | New year start

Are you a few years into your recruitment career, quite enjoy it, but feel there must be more? Does your brain feel under-utilised? Maybe you’re frustrated with endless KPIs and targets, or they’re simply meaningless to you because what drives you is relationships rather than being in your equivalent of the Director’s Lunch Club. You might feel like a tall poppy. You’re probably looking for more interesting things to do and a future in recruitment that broadens your skills.

About the role

You’ll have a lot in common with your average Quarsh colleague.

We need your drive and motivation, something we know is inherent in a good recruiter, and your restless determination to do the right thing, something that you might feel stands you apart from your colleagues. In exchange we can give you the skills to influence our clients’ hiring strategy. You’ll work alongside our founders, who insist on hiring colleagues who are accountable, motivated and clever.

8 years ago, we started life as an RPO dedicated to SMEs. Our sole goal was “do it properly, do it well”. It’s a principle that drives us to this day. We’ve evolved, and now we’re probably best thought of as a consulting and advisory firm with a focus on people – how to bring them into a business and how to keep them. Simple. Whether that’s a full HR change project, analysing recruitment workflow or simply executing recruitment better, we get stuff done.

This is a pretty critical role to get right for us. Every client we work with matters, but this one especially so. Why? It’s a relationship we cherish – a lovely business whose vision and values chime with our own. You’ll be working alongside our top recruiter, learning the ropes of how he’s delivered fantastic results, and within a couple of months we’d like to hand the whole thing over to you, with a junior recruiter to support you. We’d love it if you have some experience in financial services, but it’s not essential. Your ability to fit in with a fairly staid client

Your job will be to talk to our clients, find candidates, fill roles  – everyone here at Quarsh does that to a greater or lesser degree – and to support your colleagues on finding new ways of doing the right thing for our clients. You’ll be influencing recruitment process strategy and workflow, coming up with new ways of delivering great results, and helping the leadership team to find new ways of growing our wonderful business.

About you

We know that the best way of keeping brilliant people interested in recruitment as a career choice is diversification. Here at Quarsh, we take good recruiters and we turn them into strategists. To us, that means that you get involved in much, much more than filling roles. Recruitment is everything from resource planning to data analysis. We are a talent consultancy. You’ll join us as a recruiter, you’ll leave us with a wealth of skills in exec search, process improvement, project design, HR consulting, strategy, marketing… and you’ll have spent a few years with people who are driven, interesting and clever. Our colleagues don’t need KPIs and targets. We don’t need managers who don’t bring in revenue. We need colleagues who “get” what we’re here to do.

Interested in finding out more?

Please submit your CV and covering letter to hello@quarsh.com and we’ll be in touch!