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Speaking and Workshops

Lucy set Quarsh up with one simple goal: to make recruitment work better. An Executive Search headhunter by background, she has over 15 years’ experience in Board-level recruitment and HR, covering everything from agency hiring to designing and overhauling complex recruitment environments for companies both large and small. She has a particular passion for SMEs and scale-up phases of businesses and solving knotty problems that don’t seem to have a solution.

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Recruitment as a Strategy Workshop

Making recruitment a predictable, strategic part of your business.

The chances are, if a problem is not about cashflow, it’s about people. Nothing is more important to the success of a business than having the right people performing well at the right time. Better people means a better business.

How often do you analyse what talent you’re bringing in, where they’re coming from, and how effective they are? Do you know how you fare against your competition? Most companies start to think about recruitment when there’s a vacancy. But this only addresses a tiny part of the recruitment cycle. Taking control of recruitment gives you the ability to plan what and who you need, when, and raise your game in the competition for talent.

In this interactive workshop, focusing on strategy, Lucy will take you through practical steps to improving how your company plans who you need and then finds, attracts, selects, hires and retains the right people for your business.

The chances are, if a problem is not about cashflow, it’s about people.

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HR Strategy for SMEs is our thing. We'll get the best out of your people, we'll find the right tech, and we'll keep you compliant.

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Hyperbole is easy. A 100% success record is not. Since we were founded, we've filled every search we've started. Your Executive Search is safe with us.

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We design and implement tried and tested recruitment processes and environments that work. We then happily hand them over, no strings attached.

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