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Retention Resources

Here at Quarsh you will often hear us say we believe recruitment and retention are mirrors of each other. Get recruitment right and you will find retention levels improve. We are passionate about leaving a legacy with our clients of robust recruitment that they can utilise for the several years. Of course that involves looking at the whole company to provide a complete recruitment solution, but also we want to leave behind practices that will boost retention and allow a business to keep their best people. 

You can read more about our retention programme and how we implement this in our retention white paper found here.

Retention Video Series


We have held two webinars on the topic of retention to date. The first of these was aimed at a B Corp audience and explored how B Corp status can be leveraged to boost retention. The second was aimed at non B Corp organisations and covered retention strategies and how best to support and retain your best employees.

We were joined on these webinars by Sean Greathead from MAPP and Tracey Stringer from COOK. Both Sean and Tracey shared their experiences and best practice tips from their businesses.