[kw-ah’sh] verb. To provide the solution to every kind of recruitment problem, every time.

Recruitment Support

Recruitment is expensive. It’s complex. It takes too long. And you can never find the right people. Right? Wrong. At Quarsh, we turn recruitment problems into solutions. With our Complete Recruitment Department solution we can transform your entire recruitment environment, either onsite or offsite. But with Quarsh it’s not “all or nothing” – we can also support your in-house team in whatever way makes sense for your business.

Need to make a few key hires? A bigger recruitment drive? Support with succession planning? At all levels, we find the best quality candidates more efficiently, more economically and more effectively. We can also make a major contribution should you need to improve processes, or to review and modernise your in-house HR and Recruitment functions.

The Benefits

When it comes to Recruitment Support, our costs are lower, we find better people and we engage with the community of talent more effectively than typical hiring methods. This is equally true whether you want to put in place our Complete Recruitment Department solution or whether you just need occasional or regular support for your in-house HR and Recruitment team.

Of course, better people will have a big impact on business performance. Also, when you find quality people faster and more efficiently your in-house HR and Recruitment people – and your senior management too — have more time to focus on driving your business forward. So why waste your valuable time when our experienced and supportive team can resolve even the most complex recruitment problems quickly and simply, without impacting on your business.

At Quarsh, we turn recruitment problems into solutions that help drive business performance

I have met few, if any, businesses in the recruitment space that I would consider using, let alone recommending. Quarsh are the exception. If you are considering ‘head hunting’ or a senior level recruitment campaign these guys are the best.

Chris Johnson
Executive Chairman, Paragon Electronic Components Ltd/JJS Manufacturing

Our Legacy

Even if you engage Quarsh for a relatively small recruitment project or problem-solving exercise, we leave a legacy. We’ve worked with over 100 different organisations, each with different problems, and we have always created a solution that works. Quarsh clients like what they see. They like the way we approach recruitment problems. Most of all, they like the results our methods deliver.
Contributing to your business in the areas of Recruitment, HR and people and resources planning is what excites us. Making a positive impact that can have a far-reaching effect on the success of your business is what drives us.

So you get the right candidates, with the right skills and the right experience. Every time.

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