[kw-ah’sh] verb. To discover the best people in a challenging landscape.
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Executive Search

Our Executive Search service brings all of the good parts of pure headhunting together. We’re really proud of our 100% success rate in filling assignments in a huge variety of sectors, disciplines and levels, and of the fact that we don’t give up if it turns out to be a hard search. We’ve trained with some of the biggest names in search, and we’ve taken the best bits to develop our service, with ‘do it properly, do it well’ at its heart.

Expect to be challenged, expect thoroughness, expect results; above all, expect to gain a strategic partner who wants you to find the person you need, not just the person you want.

The Benefits

You deserve better. Executive Search is pretty straightforward. We get it right because we do it right. An honest assessment of what you need, then thorough market mapping which we share with you. We pursue clear targets and use our imagination to find a few wild cards. Every week, you have a progress report, and we’ll talk about our findings from the market.

By the time you receive the shortlist, you’ll feel as though you’ve been part of the research phase. Do it properly, do it well. No surprises. Just great Search.

Did you know that the industry standard for search is 40% of roles aren't filled?

I have met few, if any, businesses in the recruitment space that I would consider using, let alone recommending. Quarsh are the exception. If you are considering ‘head hunting’ or a senior level recruitment campaign these guys are the best.

Chris Johnson
Executive Chairman, Paragon Electronic Components Ltd/JJS Manufacturing

Our Legacy

We believe in intelligent Executive Search. To us, this means that the people you bring in make a difference to your business. Two years on, 94% of our appointees have either been promoted or are still in role; they add new revenue streams, move your strategy forward, bring in new practices that change how you do things for the better. That's why we tend to work with companies who need support in defining what they need, and why we're valued as strategic partners who move your thinking forward.

Taking a brief and executing it is part of the picture, contributing to your business is what excites us. At Quarsh we have a true vision to be the best HR and staffing solutions provider available, which is why we won't just meet your needs, we'll exceed them.

Meet The Quarsh Team

At Quarsh, we're proud to be generalist headhunters, although we all have our own areas that we enjoy more than others. As generalists, each search is approached afresh, with you as our partner. We don't make assumptions or rely on our little black books. This means that you get the most current information about competitors in your sector, and we'll know where you can look to find transferable skills.

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