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B Corporation Certified

We became Certified in January 2022 and we are so proud! For us, being a B Corp company goes right to the heart of why we do what we do. We do things properly, ethically, and with the best interests of our clients and our team at heart. We treat everyone with respect and honesty.  We want to make recruitment work better, our motto since day one back in 2010. Better hiring decisions make for stronger teams, happier employees, more productive workplaces, and ultimately stronger businesses. Whether we’re with our clients for three months or three years, our legacy is always a talent acquisition environment that works for the long term.


Good Business Charter

We are proud to be accredited by the Good Business Charter.  The GBC consists of 10 components and more details for each of these components can be found on their website: www.goodbusinesscharter.com.

We’d urge you to sign up to the GBC, too; a great way to show your commitment to ethical business!

Menopause Workplace Pledge

Mid 2021, Lucy had a Damascene moment. A few of her friends were grumbling about menopause, and it occurred to her that menopause is very rarely talked about in the workplace. “Women’s issues” so often fall into that icky territory of both personal and a bit embarrassing. That this happens right at the zenith of women’s power, experience and knowledge is just another kick in the face from good ol’ Mother Nature. Clearly completely ridiculous to ignore, and possibly another contributory factor to a dearth of women on Boards. We should support our women better. That’s why we ran a Menopause training session for all our employees, regardless of gender or age, and why we signed up to this pledge.


Disability Confident

As our Diversity Champion, Lee Jones, says, “Diversity in work mirrors the diversity of society and therefore gives employers the advantage of understanding their customers better.” Being Disability Confident means that we have the knowledge and tools to hire from the widest possible pool of talent, and that we can support our clients to do the same. We will always do all we can to ensure that we, and our clients, are making every effort to hire responsibly and consciously. This isn’t limited to disability confidence; we welcome applicants from any and all demographics as an inclusive employer.

We want our team to feel able to challenge the status quo and try new things; what better way of doing that than to give them assurance that their ethics and ours chime?

Lucy James

Our ESG Commitment

Doing Good Business is so important to us. Our whole ethos is to do things properly, and do them well. We're proudly privately owned, with no debt, and no remote or disinterested investors, so we make decisions and give recommendations that are right for everyone. In every sense, you can trust us to give you the best possible advice, and that underpins everything we do.

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Need to improve HR strategy? We’ll get the best out of your people, find the right HR tech for you, and keep you compliant.

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Want to make recruitment work better? We also speak at events and run workshops to show and tell you exactly how.

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