Head of Insights & Partnerships, Ben joins Team Quarsh

What excites you about your new role and joining Quarsh?

I am excited to be joining an innovative team who are challenging and improving the processes in and around Recruitment. Quarsh offer world-class advice on when it is right to use an RPO and when it is wrong. Their honesty and integrity makes Quarsh an exciting company for me to work for.

What do you think of the Quarsh team so far?

The team have made me feel incredibly comfortable in my new role. Jason, Lucy and the team have emphasised just how close of a team they are. I'm really excited to develop as part of this fantastic growing organisation.

What are your first impressions of your new role?

I was understandably nervous, but very much excited to start my new role. I am always confident in my ability to reach out and create great relationships with people. My new role with Quarsh allows me to build a whole new set of relationships which will give me the ability to change lives for the better. Another benefit with this role is that I am able to nurture and continue to grow as a person and watch the companies we work alongside grow year upon year. Knowing that I was a part of making that happen would be a great feeling. 

What's the coolest/best thing you've ever done?

When I was younger I auditioned for National Youth Theatre. I received little information on the schedule for the day. The first stage went really well and I felt confident in my abilities. We then began stage two and they announced the order we would perform our monologues. This was all well and good, except I had no idea we were supposed to prepare a monologue. I decided the best option was to make one up. I looked at the panel of judges and to my surprise, Sir Ian McKellen was sat there waiting for my performance. I managed to convince Gandalf it was a rehearsed monologue. It was a great feeling to know my quick thinking enabled me to gain a membership into NYT.

I was also the guest on Michael McIntyre's Christmas show on Christmas Day last year. That was a memorable moment for my family.

What's the strangest thing to ever happen to you?

I was often told that I looked like Aaron from S Club Juniors. When I was eleven, I was walking around Bromley's shopping centre with my mother when I became surrounded by girls asking for my autograph and grabbing at my hair. I didn't even look like him.