The Situation

Our client is a financial services company who provide information and data that is relied upon by financial institutions and traders around the world.

The client's Dublin office is a vital part of the business which gathers the data that is provided to all its clients across Europe. Due to a recent acquisition, the client's customer base increased in size, and also due to its success as an office, clients based in Asia also began to be serviced from the Dublin office too. This meant that not only did the existing team need to quickly grow in size to service Europe, but the client also needed to add a new team to service clients across Asia. As the office covers all clients across Europe and Asia, the teams are required to be multilingual across approximately 30 languages as they need to interpret and translate news and data from a number of different sources.

The client gave us an ambitious target to expand the size of the current team as well as adding a new Asia team within a three-month period. We were looking at a total of 28 new hires across both teams with minimal agency spend.


The Solution

Our lead consultant spent a considerable amount of time in the client's Dublin offices, meeting with senior stakeholders to discuss the profiles of the required candidates as well as what was expected in terms of time frames and other deliverables. 

We negotiated an exclusive three-month campaign with the largest job board in Ireland dedicated to this particular project. We also implemented a number of inventive ideas on social media, advertising and competitor analysis to map potential talent in the market and to allows us to proactively search for candidates. Four universities were also engaged with to create a recruitment drive amongst the local population of international students. 

Once potential candidates were identified, they went through an extensive screening process which included testing their language skills. If the candidates were successful, they were then presented to the hiring manager for face to face interviews. 


Through the processes we put in place, we were able to completely populate both teams with the required numbers and skill sets in under three months. A total of 28 people, covering over 30 languages, were hired by the client with all candidates either being directly sourced or coming via referral. 

We also created a large talent pool of suitable and qualified candidates for future requirements - and this has been successfully utilised by the client when vacancies have arisen. 

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