The Situation

Our client was a global organisation with operations all over the world. When we met them, their HR and recruitment processes were different in each geography, with no ability to share data, reference previous candidates or even former employees. A global initiative was instituted to drive towards standardised processes and systems. We were brought in to consult on the Recruitment and Onboarding element of this programme.


The Solution

The scope of the project needed to include the mapping and identification of existing processes and documentation, the selection of an appropriate Applicant Tracking System (ATS) technology platform and the development of a new, best practice methodology which would nevertheless be adaptable to differing regional needs. The new process needed to take into account differing local standards, role types, legal requirements and cultural norms, and cover all levels and types of employee, from contract engineers at remote locations to graduate interns to senior executives.

We began with an initial comprehensive process audit in one of the UK business units that allowed us to establish baselines for processes and performance. This project was carried out by two consultants over a week and resulted in detailed analytical documentation including structured recommendations.

From this start point, we subsequently moved into a global analysis, working with the client's Recruitment, HR and IT staff to gather data on the processes, documentation and systems used across the entire organisation. Once this information had been gathered, one of our lead consultants facilitated and consulted to a multi-disciplinary team, to develop a standardised process and methodology which retained as much of the essential elements and character of the existing way of doing things as possible, yet nevertheless met the challenge of delivering a best practice service. This included assisting with the selection of the most appropriate ATS technology platform and ensuring that the new process optimised the benefits of the ATS. Once the ATS selection was completed we also worked with Petrofac to liaise with the ATS service provider to maximise the effectiveness of the implementation.

Furthermore, we provided consultancy support on a variety of issues related to the successful delivery of the programme, such as selection of project management methodology and advising on Change Management techniques.


The Outcomes

  • Detailed audit analysis of UK business unit recruitment and onboarding processes, with comprehensive recommendations for change, including cost-benefit analysis
  • Comprehensive review of recruitment and onboarding processes across all global business units
  • Facilitation of meetings between representatives of various departments and geographies to ensure all interests represented and buy-in achieved
  • Development of standardised methodology, workflows and documentation for new global process
  • Analysis of proposed Applicant Tracking System
  • Development of new process to optimise capabilities and scope of ATS
  • Liaison with ATS provider to ensure successful delivery

As a result of the project, the client now has a standardised global recruitment and onboarding process on an optimised ATS platform. This system works for all levels and types of recruit, allowing a role to be tracked from job requisition to onboarding, cutting administration time for the recruitment and HR team and for hiring managers.

It has globally standardised formats, specifications and documentation, also saving time and ensuring ease of understanding. Furthermore, the system now supports access to a vast pool (over 100,000) of former applicants and analysis, consulting and development of recruitment and onboarding processes to standardise systems across a global business, which in future should dramatically cut the cost of recruitment and time to hire.

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