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Why we exist.

Recruitment is a problem. Sorting it out can distract from core HR issues and needs specialist skills. We spend our lives making recruitment work beautifully, and if your problem is a new one we’ll bend over backwards to find the solution.

There’s a lot more to good recruitment than putting up an advert. People meet us because they’ve started looking at recruitment and realised they’ve opened Pandora’s Box. We design and run recruitment processes that meet all of your needs and continue to evolve as your needs change.

Who we are.

Established in 2010, Quarsh provides specialist outsourced recruitment solutions, designed around the needs of each individual client.

Quarsh was founded to deal with the tricky middle ground - companies making 50-500 hires a year, that really need multi-skilled and effective recruitment teams, but can only afford one or two people.

What we do.

We specialise in working with companies who appoint 50-500 people per year and we cover all industry sectors, primarily in the UK and Europe.

Our speciality is the design, implementation and operation of best practice recruitment for our clients. We set the business up to solve problems - it's what we love and we get a huge kick out of recruitment working better. We keep on top of all of the wonderful new innovations in recruitment and choose the best ones depending on what our clients need.

Our recruitment solution is ready to use, with 90% a tested and proven process. The remaining 10% is the critical piece that is tailored and adapted to suit your specific needs and culture.